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The lowest possible prices for last minute travel !

Many people ask me...How can you get me a lower price than my travel agent or one of those national travel websites ?
The answer is easy...Necessity is the mother of invention. I owned a National moving company for 15 years. During this time I was constantly having to put my employees on last minute flights to get them to our customers homes on time. As experienced travelers know, last minute tickets are very, very expensive. Often 3-5 times what you would normally pay if you booked 21 days in advance.
Because we never knew exactly when our drivers would finish a job we were always having to buy our tickets at the last minute. All of this experience of finding creative ways to get a decent price that I could actually afford, lead me to my discovery of how to get these tickets at incredible prices. Soon my friends started having me get their airline tickets for them when they needed to travel. This is when I began thinking that there must be a market for a service that can save people this much money. I can use my research to save people hundreds on each ticket and make a nice profit on each set myself. Now, unlike all of those automated computer programs that are advertising all over the internet, who all use the same flight information to get you the same price as all the other sites. The way I find them is completely different and my little secret. It takes me sometimes an hour or more to research each customers tickets to save them the maximum amount possible. I assure you the way I find them is completely honest and 100% legal. In fact, in most cases I will pay for your tickets directly from one of those national travel sites you see advertised on TV all the time. Sometimes I will book them straight off the Airlines own web site.
Now, I know you must be thinking that if I can do it, you can too. Yes you can. But, can you figure out how I am getting these tickets right off the airlines own site this cheap? No way!
For now...if you want the lowest price, fill out the request form and hit submit. Tell me the lowest price you got, what site or agent you got it from (with the flight numbers so I know you are legit) and I will spend my time and report back to you the price I can get for you. I keep 50% of the total amount that I save you on your airline tickets. So, if the lowest price you can get on your own or through your travel agent is $800 for each ticket and I can get you there for only $250 per ticket through one of the same major airlines, I saved you $550 on every ticket. You pay for your ticket and we both come out way ahead, some $275 per ticket ! In many cases I can get you there non-stop instead of the 1 or 2 stops your lowest price had.

Now that's a deal even if it were the same price!

I am currently having a truly professional web site made but for now I am still doing this the old fashioned way...using Paypal for payments and doing the legwork myself. Hopefully in the next few weeks my new site will be up and everything will become much more streamlined for you. Please bare with me till then.

You can always feel secure with your purchase because if you pay through Paypal's secure web site with your credit card and I do not deliver as I say, then you can always call your credit card company and reverse the charge. I guarantee my services to be exactly what I say they are and I will always send you conformation of your complete flight information for your review, before you ever pay for the tickets.
Your tickets will always be electronic and you can check in at the ticket counter or at the automated machines if you have no checked luggage and prefer to skip the crowd.

Jeff Hayden

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